Off the track tour

Tofu Making Tour

Tofu Making Tour

 ( Daily * Tour requires a minimum of 6 guests )

Escape the city life and explore Taiwan’s tofu capital in the old town of Daxi! On this slow travel tour, you will start from a tour of Daxi’s organic agricultural culture and bring some fresh vegetables with you. After lunch, you will meet the town’s master woodworkers and experience a rare hands-on opportunity to make your very own tofu mold in a DIY woodshop class. Afterward, make your own tofu with Daxi locals and take a leisure walk along Daxi old street to learn the stories of how this beautiful old town was developed with our tour guide before heading back to the city.

Duration : 9:30 – 17:30 (8 hours)

Pickup & Dropoff : Your accommodation in Taipei City


Pickup          09:30 Pick up from your accommodation

Experience    10:30 Visit and pick seasonal vegetables or fruits

Meal               11:30 Lunch

Experience    13:00 Make your own tofu and tofu mold

Point              15:30 Visit Daxi old street

Pickup           16:30 Return to Taipei

Point              17:30 Back to your accommodation

Farm to Table

Farm to Table

( Daily * Tour requires a minimum of 8 guests )

The Taibalan (Tafalong) clan are members of the Amis tribe, 1 of 16 indigenous tribes originally from Taiwan. They invite visitors to a very special dining experience that includes 1) an introduction the clan’s hometown 2) a trip to the local farmer’s market that showcases the tribe’s organic produce 2) an authentic cooking experience 3) a DIY activity 4) an intimate farm-to-table feast where you will gain a deeper understanding of the tribe’s customs and food culture

Duration : 16.5 hours

Pickup : Taipei main station exit “EAST 3”

DropOff : Guangfu train station


Pickup           06:10 Meet up at Taipei train station exist “EAST 3”

Point              10:30 Visit Guangfu traditioanl market

Experience    12:00 Amis culinary arts classroom

                       Make your own chili sauce and vege pancake at Tafalong tribe

Point              14:00 Guided cultural tour

                       Visit Kakitann, an ancient well dug by Amis ancestors and 

                       stop at the kakitaan ancestral spirit house to learn out about traditional beliefs, ceremonies and social structure.

Point              15:00 Big indigenious feast and traditional dance performance

Pickup           17:30 Back to Guangfu train station

Seal engraving and natural tie dye

Seal engraving and natural tie dye

( Daily * Tour requires a minimum of 2 guests )

Escape cosmopolitan Taipei and explore a traditional Taiwanese town with a rich art and religious culture. Tour the Qingshui Zushi Temple, an elaborately engraved building that has served as an important religious site for over 100 years. Try your hand at Chinese seal engraving and natural tie dye and witness why Sanxia’s cultural value remains undiminished. Dine at the old town’s local tofu and dessert shop that uses locally grown soy beans. Proceeds for these activities will benefit the local library!

Duration : 08:30-17:30 (9 hours)

Pickup & DropOff: Pick up from your accoommodation in Taipei


Pickup           8:30 Pick up from your accommodation in Taipei

Point              9:30 Sanxia temple and old street visit

Meal               12:00 Lunch (at guest’s own expense) 

Experience    13:00 Engraving DIY

Experience    14:00 Local Blue Dyeing experience

Meal               15:00 Local afternoon snacks

Pickup           17:30 Drop off at your accommodation in Taipei

Oolong tea farm and blue and white ceramic DIY

Oolong tea farm and blue and white ceramic DIY

( MON/TUE/FRI * Tour requires a minimum of 2 guests )

Experience firsthand how organic Taiwanese tea is grown and produced at a real operating tea farm in Yilan that still uses traditional tea processing methods passed down by generations. Pick leaves with a local tea farmer at the plantation and learn how they are harvested (without modern machines) and prepared to become tasty cups of Oolong. Then, experience a rare, hands-on experience learning how to roll and roast tea leaves. After a lunch of traditional Yilan cuisine, head to a quaint pottery house and coffee shop for some therapeutic ceramics painting. There, you will learn the ancient art of decorating blue and white China in a DIY class and will even take home your very own souvenir!(*) Discover the beauty of the small town of Yilan with this slow travel experience!

*Guests can decide to join the DIY class or purchase a piece of China with a $NTD500 deduction. Additional costs and wait time of China (approximately two months by mail) apply to those wishing to purchase their self-decorated masterpieces.

Duration : 09:00 – 17:30 (8.5 hrs)

Pickup & DropOff: Pick up from your accoommodation in Taipei


Pickup           09:00 Pick up from your accommodation

Point              10:30 Arrive at the tea farm

Point              11:10 Tea farm visit

Experience    12:00 Hands-on tea processing experience

Meal               13:00 Lunch at traditional Yilan cuisine restaurant

Point              14:15 Arrive at the china/pottery studio

Experience    15:30 Ceramic tea cup drawing DIY

Pickup           17:30 Head back to Taipei

Religious Art Experience

Religious Art Experience

Worshipping Mazu is one of the most important parts of traditional Taiwanese culture and Fengtian Temple is one of the most famous Mazu temples in Taiwan. Besides Mazu, there’s also the unique belief in Hu Yeh (tiger god) and Xingang is the only place where you can experience this in Taiwan. The religion is deeply ingrained in local residents’ lives, so there’s lots of well preserved local art. Every tourist has to witness the traditional arts and crafts, such as incense making and Koji ceramics. Visiting an old town like Xingang, you’ll discover the charming traditions and rich history.

Duration : 9 hrs

Pickup & Drop-Off : TRA Chiayi Train Station


Pickup           09:00 Pick up in front of TRA Chiayi Train Station

Point              09:30 Visit Fengtian Temple

Experience    10:30 Making traditional incense

Meal               12:00 Lunch

Point              13:30 Visit Xingang Shuixian Temple

Point              15:00 Learn Koji ceramics at Bantaoyao

Experience    16:00 Cycling experience around the local area

Pickup           18:00 Drop off at TRA Chiayi Train Station